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Arizona Wedding DJ

Working with all vendors & welcoming all guests, Teffanie a warm, approachable, fun, outgoing, organized, professionally attired Disc Jockey, ensures smooth, seamless transitions and positively memorable moments!

Along with a detailed Wedding Reception Events Program, Teffanie fashions Ceremony, Cocktail, & Dinner play lists from your favorite genres & artists, desired atmosphere, & special requests.

Before you sign a contract, meet with Teffanie.

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The Bridal Party

Teffanie quickly establishes a positive rapport with the Bridal Party and important guests allowing her to prepare those participating in toast, special dances, and other activities and achieve a seamless flow of sequenced events.

Wedding Planning

With an extensive library of creatively unique activities and events, you decide how Face the Music makes your day meaningful, charming, and fun!

Your Perfect Day Vision

The Perfect Wedding Day is a realization of the unique vision belonging solely to the Bride and Groom and music is essential to capturing your desired ambiance.

How do you want people to feel? What do you want people to remember? More importantly, what do you want to share?

Consider a photo montage to share with your guests and perhaps a unique way to capture the names of your guests e.g., life-size guest book, large portait with plush mat, etc.

Face the Music never charges for items such as 42″LCD Screen and extra laptop (photo montage, extra setup,  or fun give-aways (e.g., glow items, hats, metallic bead necklaces, etc.).